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visa services

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the Schengen regulations for obtaining transit visas for seamen, we can provide professional and efficient services to ship-owners and thus in the best conditions possible for smooth operations. We have different solutions to offer depending on the urgency and the ships call date.


INTERPORT handle full preparation of all documents related to the relevant service for the smooth procedure and transit of your seafarers.


The issuance of the Schengen visa usually takes 4-5 working days after the appointment with the embassy’s consular section.

I have enough time before ship's ETD

(regular notice)

I don't have enough time before ship's ETD

(short notice)


visa in embassy

- Available for all French ports


- Secured at the French embassy of the origin country

- Fast track procedure with letter of invitation (LOI) 

  issued under 12h

- Available for all nationalities


visa on arrival

- Available for most European ports


- Secured at Paris, Frankfurt or Amsterdam airports

- Schengen form and "OK to board" reflected in both            immigration and airline company systems

- Available for all nationalities

for all seamen

Preparation of documents / meet and greet = full assistance of the seamen at the airport for the VOA (visa on arrival) procedure.

For seamen needing connexion to domestic flight = meet and greet all seamen at Paris CDG airport.

for on-signers

Obtain transit visas from police or customs depending on the ship's port of call.

Obtain transit visas at Paris CDG airport with implementation of the VOA / OKTB procedure.

for off-signers

Obtain transit visas from police or customs depending on the ship's port of call.

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