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off-port limits

When you are facing issues to perform a crew change in any Northern Europe country because your ship can't wait neither enter in ports of the English channel, Interport Crew Services offers you an alternative solution to keep your ship on schedule with limited costs.

If you are having a crew change on short notice in Spain, Belgium or Netherlands, countries where VOA procedure is not possible (or UK where the visa in embassy takes about 1 month to be processed), your best solution will be to proceed with VOA in France / Paris, then have your seamen transported to Le Havre or Cherbourg where they will take a launch boat to reach their vessel passing through the North Channel. So on and about 48h after the call, your seamen will be on their ship.

This procedure, fully legal and managed with professionalism and experience, is performed with all requested safety measures.



advantages of the off-port limits service :

Usefull for country where VOA is refused.

Save money as no port and no pilot dues are involved

No time loss as the ship only reduce its speed for a little while


interport crew services can combine the opl with the following services :

Crew changes

Husbandry services

All special requests

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